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Chinese Language Education Center
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1. Education Equipments

General Classroom Ladder Classroom
Long-table Classroom Situational Classroom
Library-Reading Room Library-Audiovisual Room
Computer Laboratory Fitness Center
Outdoor Playground Outdoor Playground


2. Campus Information

(1). Food
During the school year, the school cafeteria has a meal, you can eat with the school teachers and students. Our two campuses are located in the Taipei city, there are many fast food shops or restaurants near schools to support diversified and rich diet. Convenient shops are numerous and highly selective.

Off-campus Rentals: There are many room rentals and student dormitories near the NTCPA. Interested tenants can ask assist from CLEC.

Two campuses are located in the Taipei city. For foreign students to learn Chinese in Taiwan, NTCPA is a very good choice for its convenient traffic. There are many bus routes near the NTCPA and the MRT station is also not far from the schools. Students can take the train or high-speed rail to other cities and counties. 

NTCPA provides facilities such as gymnasium and library for students to use. There are many shops next to the schools. Students can buy a variety of fashion, accessories, shoes and so on. Students can also buy daily necessities in the RT-Mart, Carrefour, and the Union Welfare Center near schools. Students can also take the bus or MRT to the East or West downtown area. All kinds of shops are gathered to meet a variety of shopping needs. In addition, there are many people from different countries; therefore, many exotic and distinctive restaurants or shops can be found.

3. Traffic Information

(1). Nei-Hu Campus

Address:No. 177, Sec. 2, Nei-Hu Road, Taipei, Taiwan


A. Bus
  1. Joint Bus Routes:552, 21, or 28 to  Stop "Da-Ren Woman High School"
  2. Guanghua Bus Routes:247, or 267 to  Stop "Da-Ren Woman High School"
  3.   Southeast Bus Routes:S3, or S2  to  Stop "Da-Ren Woman High School"


Please take Brown Line and  take off at Stop "Wen-De". 

(2).  Mu-Cha Campus

Address:No. 8-1, Lane 66, Sec. 3, Mu-Cha Road, Taipei,Taiwan

A. Bus

  (1). Joint Bus Routes : 298, 660,  676, 933, 795, 1501, 915, 666, 530, 236, Brown 6,  or  1080 to Stop "Mu-Cha".

  (2). Joint Bus Routes : 3, 282, 236, 237, 251, 282, 530, 676, 679, 796,1501,1503, Brown 3, Brown 5, Brown  6, Small 10, or Small 11 to Stop "Mu-Cha Market".

  (3). Joint Bus Routes : 237, 796, Small 11 to Stop "Jing-Wen High School".

Please take Brown Line and take off Stop "Mu-Cha", and then take bus routes 282, 236, or 251 to Bus Stop "Mu-Cha Market"