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Chinese Language Education Center
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Recent years, the necessary of Chinese language learning market is expanded all over the world. The number of people who are interested to learn Chinese language is also increasing. Many countries in the Southeast Asia and Europe assign Chinese language as their second order of foreign language. In order to tie in with the government's policy on promoting Chinese language to foreign country, the NTCPA trains Chinese language teachers and the courses are also assimilated into Xi-Qu arts to improve the competitiveness of the Chinese language learning market in the world. Therefore, the “Chinese Language Education Center” (CLEC) is set up in the “General Education Center” of the NTCPA to carry out the necessary plans. The objects to set up the CLEC are teaching Chinese language based on the traditional arts and cultures, and are propagating Chinese culture by teaching Chinese language.

In the November 2016, NTCPA and National Immigration Agency signed Memorandum of Understanding to strength the assistance of cultural teaching for Taiwan's new immigrants, and to provide the two-way interaction and growth through the assistance of new immigrants in language learning and cultural immersion. Therefore, the CLEC is going to open teacher’s training classes of Chinese language, and actively to participate in the plans of the government’s policy. In the near future, we are expected that the proud of traditional cultures and arts are propagating every corner of the world.

The CLEC sets up “Performing Arts and Chinese Language Teaching” Credits Program for college level students in NTCPA. The credits program is based on the essence of traditional cultures to learn teaching methodology for Chinese language; therefore, students can start a new perspective of Chinese language teaching. Moreover, the CLEC is tie in with the new policy of the government, to expand overseas enrollment, and international cooperation.