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Chinese Language Education Center
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1. National Taiwan College of Performing Arts (NTCPA)

The National Taiwan College of Performing Arts (NTCPA) is the only formal institution in the country that fosters talent in “Xi Qu” – the various forms of traditional Chinese folkloric dramas. Over the years it has become the cradle of first-class performers, and continues to be the locomotive in the education, preservation, and propagation of these marvelous yet endangered art forms. NTCPA came about two wonderful institutes: The National Fu Hsing Dramatic Arts Academy established in 1957, and The National Kuo Kuang Academy of Arts established in 1976. These two schools were brought together in a merge to create The National Taiwan Junior College of Performing Arts in 1999, with their course structures reorganized to six departments, which were Jing Ju, Taiwanese Opera, Hakka Opera, Traditional Music, Acrobatic, and Theatre Arts. Finally, NTCPA was elevated in status in 2006 from junior college to a regular college.Students at NTCPA are trained in particular with integrity, Humanity, and Professionalism in mind, thus capable of potentially becoming all-encompassing artists in their chosen field. From Grade 5 through college, our architecture of courses encompassing an astonishing 12 years of through-education guarantees a step by step, personalized, multi-facet and profound environment that stresses craftsmanship, exploration, expertise, creativity, and fusion.Basing on the excellent traditions, we endeavor to create, to preserve and to challenge, in order to bring forth to the world stage talents, as well as productions that are true to its cultural roots. 


2. Chinese Language Education Center (CLEC)

In order to tie in with the government's policy on promoting Chinese language to foreign country, the NTCPA trains Chinese language teachers and the courses are also assimilated into Xi-Qu arts to improve the competitiveness of the Chinese language learning market in the world. Therefore, the “Chinese Language Education Center” (CLEC) is set up in the “General Education Center” of the NTCPA to carry out the necessary plans.

The CLEC belongs to a temporary task grouping unit, and its task is as follows:

(1).Teach Chinese language for foreign people and students.

(2).Promote Chinese culture and society of traditional Xi-Qu, folk arts, theater technology and other art-related education.

(3).Execute domestic and foreign Chinese language teacher certification courses or credits program.

(4).Organize international Chinese language academic exchange activities and visit with relevant Chinese language institutions.

(5).Assist our government to handle overseas Chinese education, compile Chinese language teaching materials, train teachers; hold Chinese culture and art and traditional Xi-Qu exchange activities to enhance civil diplomacy.

(6).Execute international Chinese language proficiency testing and competition activities.

(7).Accept the commission, hold Chinese language education and training.

(8).Execute various Chinese language training courses at home and abroad.

(9).Other related business with Chinese language.